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We are a consulting firm in Sydney, Australia.

My new product development (NPD) consultation service is committed to helping clients develop products that fit market needs, produce attractive margins, provide platforms for add-on offerings, and enhance the reputation of brands for future business growth.

I work with startups to develop concrete product improvements in design-to-cost and design-to-market projects and contribute to creating innovative product ideas.

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Dr Mohammad Motahar

FUNCTION: Founder and Principal Consultant

COMPANY: AgileMaster Consulting

Skills: New Product Development (NPD), Startups, ERP, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning


Years of Experience





About Me

How do I spent my time every week ? 

I spent 20% of my time on teaching various subjects at universities

20% Teaching

sI spent 70% of my time on Industry Consulting and leading my teams

70% Consulting

and finally I am spending 10% of my time on Reading and R%D

10% Reading,  Research and Development

Happy Clients From Various Industries 

During the past 17 years, I have been working for many number of clients from various industries. In order to provide the best services to my clients I had to study about the industry. It required me to do a lot of readings to understand my client's pinpoints. 

Interested to know more – find out an example of my experience in healthcare industry at United Nations University and the feedback from my customer at ScienceDirect, one of the largest databases of scientific and medical research.

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Consultation Services we offer

we can help you by providing consultation on

ERP Consulting

Helping you implementing Odoo and SAP S/4 HANA

Our ERP consulting is a way to assist you to utilise the best tools in the market in order to automate your business processes and to improve productivity and efficiency. This service is designed for customers and technology partners who want to get consultation to manage their ERP project and to increase the chance of succeeding the implementation. We use variety of tools and technologies to assist you in your implementation of Odoo and SAP S/4 HANA. Find out more about our service by clicking on learn more button. 

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Startup Consulting

Help you start your new business 

Startup consulting service is a great way to partner with me to help you on your idea development and commercialisation. I can help talents and inventors to commercialise their ideas from patenting to team formation, presentations to venture capitals and run the business. click on learn more to find out more about the startup consulting services that I provide. 

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New Product Development

Help you to develop new products 

If you have a great idea but are unsure about how best you can develop and deliver it to the market, This service is the best for you. Our New Product Development (NPD) skills can help you in every step of your journey and you can focus on managing the product vision and let the complexity of the technology to us. We have a network of award winning inventors who have past experience of developing new products in technology ranging from robotics to SaaS data products.  click on learn more to find out more about our NPD consultation services

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