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Dr Mohammad Motahar is an experienced ERP/BI Principal Consultant & Inventor.  He is also a uni Lecturer of ERP (SAP, Odoo) MBA | Cyber Security | Web Dev | Business Analytics units at Federation University Australia.

He was UN’s appointed vendor as a top ERP global expert to develop and conduct funded ERP training courses for consultants of developing countries at United Nations University. He has over 15 years’ professional experience in enterprise software engineering and implementation of Business Information systems with experience of using Microsoft technologies as well as various open source frameworks and programming tools and platforms. 

One of his first notable software development achievements was back to 2004 when he started working on his idea of IS Talker (Interactively communicate with your information system via voice anywhere anytime). His valuable experience gained by working on his product design resulted in a patent-pending product that won the silver medal from Swiss international invention and competition fair. 

What made Mohammad as someone who understands the complex business requirements and business process is that he founded QT-shirt. Qtshirt was an online custom T-shirt manufacturing and selling company with online B2B portal for designers to upload their design developed using.NET technologies by him. The project started from an idea to business model/plan development to import machinery to establish manufacturing plant, and Mohammad was the CEO of the company for three years, and this experience gave him a deeper knowledge of the business process, MRP, manufacturing process, cost centres, warehouse operations and financial reports. 
He had first class of experience of closely working as ERP product design manager and later on as ERP trainer with Redhuan (Founder and J2EE developer of Adempiere ERP) and Cédric Krier and his team (Founder and Python developer of Tryton ERP and one of the top 10 open source developers in the world reported by Ohloh).  

It transferred valuable knowledge to him about functional aspects as well as common challenges and success and failure factors in today’s complex software development projects in different sectors. Moreover, working for a Dutch company for ERP projects
in Europe especially for German customers helped him to develop and apply his skill sets related to project management in practice.

In addition to technology management, He truly is a team leader with experience of managing more than 15 different offshore teams and vendors to produce more than 260 ERP custom modules deployed for Australian business just within a year that was not achievable without continuously refining the collaboration process with virtual teams using the methods learned from his co-author, Dr Ale Ebrahim who is one of the world’s top ten virtual R&D team management expert.

Motahar has experience of providing functional and technical ERP training courses to different audiences ranging from end users and power users mainly from accounting and finance department of companies to university professors of information systems and technical and functional consultants in software companies flying from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Saudi Arabia to attend the course.

In 2013, He has been appointed by United Nations University in Japan as the leading global experts in the field of open source ERP and business process management (BPM) expert to develop learning materials and to conduct several training courses for groups of power users (health informatics consultants from ministry of health in various developing countries) to assist them in implementation of ERP in their hospitals entirely funded by United Nations.

Motahar is a computer scientist and very active in the academic area. To follow his passion in teaching, He has one day unpaid leave to teach at Australian universities.  He is currently teaching software testing to master students in Australian federation university in Melbourne. Previously he was part time lecturer in School of Business and Tourism in Perth campus for teaching units including Cyber Security, Business Analytics & Big Data, Web Development, Network, Information Systems, research methodology and final Research Projects for MBA students. His research interest is related to critical success factors of ERP implementation projects with the focus on training, consultation and mentoring. As an independent researcher, He is conducting ongoing research on ERP systems and their adoption in different vertical industries and how to simplify the implementation process for power users. He always places extra emphasis on Innovation and critical thinking in all his TV, radio and newspaper interviews and mentoring sessions with young professionals. Apart from his strong analytical skills to understand the current needs in software projects, he has a strong sense of predictions and possibilities about the future needs and how they can emerge from the present technologies. Robonet was the name of the R&D research project that Mohammad worked on it 13 years ago. It was a hardware and software development kit to control anything from anywhere, and it was entirely developed using Microsoft technologies and it received a prize from President of the country and was nothing but the similar concept of Internet of Things (IoT) today.

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